To Willing Conflators Of The People Of Oaxaca, Eugène Edine Pottier, Subcomandante Marcos And Gerrard Winstanely, In Solidarity (first letter)

Our rage cannot be contained by police bullets, by the State’s jails, by the media’s lies. Our dead will not be forgotten, their combative spirit has spread so that we may take justice into our hands.
Stand up, damned of the Earth

Stand up, prisoners of starvation

Reason thunders in its volcano

This is the eruption of the end.

Of the past let us make a clean slate

Enslaved masses, stand up, stand up.

The world is about to change its foundation

We are nothing, let us be all.

A global decomposition is taking place, we call it the Fourth World War– neoliberalism: the global economic process to eliminate that multitude of people who are not useful to the powerful — the groups called “minorities” in the mathematics of power, but who happen to be the majority population in the world. We find ourselves in a world system of globalization willing to sacrifice millions of human beings.The giant communication media: the great monsters of the television industry, the communication satellites, magazines, and newspapers seem determined to present a virtual world, created in the image of what the globalization process requires.
The great searching of heart in these days is to find out where true freedom lies, that the commonwealth might be established in peace.  Some say, ‘It lies in the free use of trading, and to have all patents, licences and restraints removed’. But this is a freedom under the will of a conqueror.  Others say, ‘It is true freedom to have ministers to preach, and for people to hear whom they will, without being restrained or compelled from or to any form of worship’. But this is an unsettled freedom.  Others say, ‘It is true freedom to have community with all women, and to have liberty to satisfy their lusts and greedy appetites’. But this is the freedom of wanton unreasonable beasts, and tends to destruction.  Others say, ‘It is true freedom that the elder brother shall be landlord of the earth, and the younger brother a servant’. And this is but a half freedom, and begets murmurings, wars and quarrels.  All these and such like are freedoms: but they lead to bondage, and are not the true foundation-freedom which settles a commonwealth in peace.
We have resisted as the other regions have resisted, demonstrating to the powerful that we don’t fear them, that we will confront them, that we will defeat them.  The frontline is not neglected. In spite of the pain that invades the people, they know the worst way to remember those who died in battle is to abandon the war.  To remove a blockade and its barricades incites them to place more closures, more people in the avenues, highways, towns and in the struggle. The regions remain alert, the solidarity shows us that the struggle lives. The attempted State occupation by federal forces only heightens the tension and revives the rebellion.
There are no supreme saviours

Neither God, nor Ceasar, nor tribune.

Producers, let us save ourselves,

Decree the common salvation.

So that the thief expires,

So that the spirit be pulled from its prison,

Let us fan our forge ourselves

Strike the iron while it is hot.

In this sense, the world of contemporary news is a world that exists for the VIP’s– the very important people. Their everyday lives are what is important: if they get married, if they divorce, if they eat, what clothes they wear and what clothes they take off– these major movie stars and big politicians. But common people only appear for a moment — when they kill someone, or when they die. For the communication giants and the neoliberal powers, the others, the excluded, only exist when they are dead, or when they are in jail or court. This can’t go on. Sooner or later this virtual world clashes with the real world. And that is actually happening: this clash produces results of rebellion and war throughout the entire world, or what is left of the world to even have war.
True commonwealth’s freedom lies in the free enjoyment of the earth.  True freedom lies where a person receives nourishment and preservation, and that is in the use of the earth. For as someone is compounded of the four materials of the creation, fire, water, earth and air; so they are preserved by the compounded bodies of these four, which are the fruits of the earth; and they cannot live without them. For take away the free use of these and the body languishes, the spirit is brought into bondage and at length departs, and ceaseth motional action in the body.  All that a man labours for, saith Solomon, is this, that he may enjoy the free use of the earth, with the fruits thereof. Eccles. 2.24.  Do not the ministers preach for maintenance in the earth? The lawyers plead causes to get the possessions of the earth? Doth not the soldier fight for the earth? And doth not the landlord require rent, that he may live in the fullness of the earth by the labour of his tenants?  And so, from the thief upon the highway to the king who sits upon the throne, do not everyone strive, either by force of arms or secret cheats, to get the possessions of the earth one from another, because they see their freedom lies in plenty, and their bondage lies in poverty?
The State sends winks and nods to the teachers union after the massacre; the media applauds, we condemn it. We don’t trust in any dialogue with the authorities. The blood of our dead cannot be negotiated with for reform, not even for the removal of politicians from ministries and governments.  Nor will we allow for audacious politicians to hop on the tragedy. The resignations, the appearances, the support from these individuals – now – does not remove the betrayals already committed and those that they surely have planned. Organization by community, neighbourhood, groups and relationships is necessary in order to block the opportunism and leadership that those sick from power so crave.
The State oppresses and the law cheats.

Tax bleeds the unfortunate.

No duty is imposed on the rich;

The rights of the poor is an empty phrase.

Enough languishing in custody!

Equality wants other laws:

No rights without duties, she says,

Equally, no duties without rights.

We have a choice: we can have a cynical attitude in the face of the media, to say that nothing can be done about the dollar power that creates itself in images, words, digital communication, and computer systems that invades not just with an invasion of power, but with a way of seeing that world, of how they think the world should look. We could say, well, “that’s the way it is” and do nothing. Or we can simply assume incredulity: we can say that any communication by the media monopolies is a total lie. We can ignore it and go about our lives.  But there is a third option that is neither conformity, nor skepticism, nor distrust: that is to construct a different way — to show the world what is really happening — to have a critical world view and to become interested in the truth of what happens to the people who inhabit every corner of this world.
Surely then, oppressing lords of manors, exacting landlords and tithe-takers, may as well say their brethren shall not breathe in the air, nor enjoy warmth in their bodies, nor have the moist waters to fall upon them in showers, unless they will pay them rent for it: as to say their brethren shall not work upon earth, nor eat the fruits thereof, unless they will hire that liberty of them. For he that takes upon him to restrain his brother from the liberty of the one, may upon the same ground restrain him from the liberty of all four, viz. fire, water, earth and air.  A man had better to have had no body than to have no food for it; therefore this restraining of the earth from brethren by brethren is oppression and bondage; but the free enjoyment thereof is true freedom.  I speak now in relation between the oppressor and the oppressed; the inward bondages I meddle not with in this place, though I am assured that, if it be rightly searched into, the inward bondages of the mind, as covetousness, pride, hypocrisy, envy, sorrow, fears, desperation and madness, are all occasioned by the outward bondage that one sort of people lay upon another.  And thus far natural experience makes it good, that true freedom lies in the free enjoyment of the earth.
The battle against the State should happen on all fronts. The street is ours but we have to win on the media and ideological fronts, to strengthen the resistance, to organize the rage, to spread and expand the revolt is the way; and not just in here – which is filled with marches, barricades and protests – but elsewhere. Conflict is necessary, the placid peace of the State must be interrupted.
Workers, peasants, we are

The great party of labourers.

The earth belongs only to men;

The idle will go to reside elsewhere.

How much of our flesh have they consumed?

But if these ravens, these vultures

Disappear one of these days,

The sun will shine forever.

The problem is not only to know what is occurring in the world, but to understand it and to derive lessons from it — just as if we were studying history– a history not of the past, but a history of what is happening at any given moment in whatever part of the world. This is the way to learn who we are, what it is we want, who we can be and what we can do or not do.  By not having to answer to the monster media monopolies, the independent media has a life work, a political project and purpose: to let the truth be known. This is more and more important in the globalization process. This truth becomes a knot of resistance against the lie. It is our only possibility to save the truth, to maintain it, and distribute it, little by little, just as the books were saved in Fahrenheit 451– in which a group of people dedicated themselves to memorize books, to save them from being destroyed, so that the ideas would not be lost.
That which true righteousness in my judgment calls community is this, to have the earth set free from all kingly bondage of lords of manors and oppressing landlords, which came in by conquest as a thief takes a true man’s purse upon the highway, being stronger than he.  And that neither the earth, nor any fruits thereof, should be bought or sold by the inhabitants one among another, which is slavery the kingly conquerors have brought in; therefore he set his stamp upon silver, that every one should buy and sell in his name.
The siege by federal forces gathered in several positions should be acknowledged, the arrival of more reinforcements is a reality and the objective is clear: the pacification by force of the people. But we will not give up, we have learned that repression should not provoke fear, to the contrary it should nourish our highest ideal: freedom.