To Willing Conflators Of James Baldwin And Jeremy Todd (six hundred and twenty eighth letter)

Dear Folks,
I was dreaming of a better world before this endless morass of surveillance and social media, before the massaging of algorithms and fear on a global scale.  Those controlling capital are to blame.  What terrorizes more than concentrated wealth?  Who is more skilled in manipulations of anxiety — the division of people through competitions for security — than my own hijacked society and its allies?  What goes around comes around.
What you send out comes back to you.  A terrorist is called a terrorist because she doesn’t have the established order behind her – indeed, she has no sanctioned support at all, which is why she is condemned and dehumanized.  Any recognized, legitimated organization or individual, at bottom, and when the chips are down, rules by means of a terror made legal.
No one calls Vancouver developers and speculative investors terrorists, though that is precisely what they are: and if all power-mad, twitter-happy careerists wish, now, in this context, to speak of “civilized” values or “democracy” or “morality,” you will pardon this accidental bohemian if he puts his hand before his mouth, and snickers – if he laughs at you.
Everyone is involved somehow.  I’m still crawling up out of that dungheap: all a slave can learn from his master is how to be a slave, and that is not morality.