To Willing Conflators of Evo Morales And Jeremy Todd (first letter)


Dear Friends and All Others,
We meet in a not sent letter, to reflect and analyze collectively on the global problems that concern the peoples of the world.  We note with concern the deterioration of the multilateral system, product of unilateral measures promoted by some who ignore the commitments, good faith and structures for a healthy coexistence between all, within a framework of basic principles parallel to a project like this one.  We meet in this forum to discuss and find solutions to the serious threats facing humanity and life on the planet.   You all know what I must write here and what will be said of me by those preoccupied with maintaining things as they are (if and when they forcibly remove me).  In any such instance some of you must immediately take my place.  What is expressed here, in this uniquely interstitial space, must also continue within the world we are trying to change.
Our house, Mother Earth, is our only home and is irreplaceable. It increasingly suffers more fires, more floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and other catastrophes.  Each year is hotter than the previous one, the thaws are greater, the level of the oceans grows. Every day we suffer the disappearance of species, soil erosion, desertification and deforestation.  Sisters and brothers, we are warned that if we follow this course of action, by the year 2100 we will reach an increase of 3 degrees Celsius. That would imply massive and devastating changes.  The consequences of climate change will condemn millions of people to poverty, hunger, no potable water, losing their homes, forced displacement, more refugee crises and new armed conflicts.  Sisters and brothers, in recent weeks we have been surprised by the forest fires that have been unleashed in different parts of the planet: in the Amazon, in Oceania and Africa, affecting flora, fauna and biodiversity.
The arms race, military spending, technology at the service of death and the unscrupulous arms trade have increased.  The financial system remains undemocratic, inequitable and unstable, which privileges tax havens and the banking secrecy that subjects weak countries to accept conditions that perpetuate their dependence.  We note with sadness that the great social asymmetries continue. According to Oxfam, today 1.3 billion people live in poverty, while 1% of the richest kept 82% of the world’s wealth in 2017.
Inequality, hunger, poverty, the migration crisis, epidemic diseases, unemployment, are not just local problems, they are global problems.  On the other hand, the creative capacity of humanity, surprises us every day with new inventions and new technological applications. They have offered great solutions to very complex problems. Technology has meant a qualitative leap for humanity. However, it is necessary that agreements are reached on the matter with the participation of all.
Sisters and brothers, it is essential to talk about the structural causes of the different crises.  Transnational companies control food, water, non-renewable resources, weapons, technology and our personal data. They intend to commercialize everything, to accumulate more capital.  The world is being controlled by a global oligarchy, only a handful of billionaires define the political and economic destiny of humanity.  26 people have the same wealth as 3.8 billion people. That is unfair, that is immoral, that is inadmissible.  The underlying problem lies in the model of production and consumerism, in the ownership of natural resources and in the unequal distribution of wealth.
Let’s say it very clearly: the root of the problem is in the capitalist system.  That is why projects such as this are more important than ever.  They should be a part of our everyday lives and engage us with each other’s concerns.  Individual efforts are insufficient and only joint action and unity will give us an opportunity to overcome them.  As we have already said, the responsibility of our generation is to give the next a fairer and more human world.  That will only be achieved if we work together to consolidate a multipolar world, with common rules, defending multilateralism and the principles and purposes of our common humanity.
How do we achieve all of this as soon as possible?  How can we take the path to defeat poverty, atomization and underdevelopment?  Thanks to the conscience of the people, of the social movements, of indigenous, peasants, workers, professionals, of men and women of the countryside and of the cities, we will find out soon enough.  We will pool our resources and our strategic efforts. We are taking control of our destiny.  We will build together, recognizing basic services and creative life (water, electricity, telecommunications, learning, making art) as human rights.  Tomorrow we will still be able to say with pride and optimism that we have a future.  Sisters and brothers, we face diverse and conflicting problems but our solidarity will solve them all.  We must continue the struggle, listening, empathizing and never conceding to lies.  A new world order of peace, social justice and harmony with Mother Earth awaits us.