To Whatever I Was Or Might’ve Been Before Status Updates And Their Inevitable, Fragmentary Persistence Into A Future Without Us (second letter)


Nice job on the cool and skinny.
This one’s even more like post-apocalyptic acid clowns than muppets imho.  Picture a baby looking kind of like my beautiful new year.  Fortunately, I’m donating a place that was good coffee…
The cousins convene for live auction next Friday night.
An entire section of the relentlessly amazing 24 Hour Karaoke arrives!  Happy monkeys see you in the far end, mimicking me for kicks, but I can’t picture a baby mocking me somehow.  I’ve probably thought something like this anyway.
Inside a last man hears of your passing. The 20th Century is dying out.
This one’s even better then the guys with the cool breeze and some beers.  I can’t picture a photography assignment because they don’t exist anymore.
Catching up with the cool breeze and the thought of it…  Sometimes you need to lay down your raincoat and be gracious.
Damn that was stormy and I’m off to remain in the break, seeing as you must donate or contribute now too.
xo, jeremy