To Whatever I Was Or Might’ve Been Before Status Updates And Their Inevitable, Fragmentary Persistence Into A Future Without Us (first letter)

I will hike in the cover of the entire event page for more, rehearsing the 20th Century dying out.
It’s playtime singers at the Ex-Serviceman’s (and Kori too) but it’s still always Pitt Time.
We’re fit and working on the drum skin Maria!
I’ve wrapped it going and nominate six mates for tagging the person who was stormy when they first put a cow in a suburb.
The dogstar, backyard squirrel, birds — we do not use a Donnelly Group place, sports bar or commonwealth club like the last ten years while remembering the Sugar Refinery.
This is kind of like a legion to make BBQ plans…
I think you were on the rain.
Definitely baby proof, I hike in a lot older now.
I’ve been blocking that middle-aged guy dancing around to explain why three nominate six mates for tagging the person nominated by Desmond Hinkson (like  post-apocalyptic acid clowns more than muppets imho).
It was going out of fond memories at work on my lunch.
I forgot it would be a good one that’s gettin’ kinda hectic.
I think they have my life somehow.
I’m pretty sure Emory is getting into what’s left of Cops for the final summer rehearsal and performance.
I’m fit and working on the request line for more — the last man to remain in the rain.
I’ve been told I look like a zombie, this strange planet suspended in time, a space station in Canada.
I acknowledge embodying the jade garden where I look cool and skinny.
Hey Julie — hope you and the boys are having some good times together over the guitarist in Singapore.
I’ve been fused to the world.
On the last day or night, the walls are stripped of new art and I’m down there with you in my life somehow and it’s also kinda nice.
Eating popsicles with lego at the Ex-Serviceman’s with Kori but it’s always felt good.
Off to Halifax with the guitarist in good condition and the kind of mimicking of me for more.
Wow Lynne, an ear in the grass!
I really enjoyed the trees, their fall leaves a flock of phones.
Rick & Jerry Minelli are part of a place and I’m way too excited about it.
Fell in love with this morning!
Thank you family and friends for the warm birthday notes this image is fusing to the keyboard.
Lamenting the status quo in sight, the stores hold their fall leaves — a flock of the mighty Elisa Ferrari representing VIVO day six or seven?
I can slow down there with Crista and performance.
Haha — I’m part of clocks, music moaning a mindless refrain, with not a window in sight.
xo, jeremy