To Whatever I Was Or Might’ve Been Before Status Updates And Their Inevitable, Fragmentary Persistence Into A Future Without Us (fifth letter)

Speak on your bombs.  Will your unlikely likenesses become icons of defiance?
A heavily-armed, seditious militia of naked, filthy, essential workers occupy federal property in a brazen act of defiance and desire while I try to clean myself.  Law-enforcement greet us all with handshakes and deferential coyness.  Not a single arrest takes place.
Will you finish your thought as your boss waits by your desk?  Who is servicing who and where?
We will always be hustling and bustling because there is no separation of self and catastrophe.  In light of the impending mess I have two words of advice:  Double Tap.  
Consider social cohesion and dignity in the face of unimaginable trouble.  Try forgetting.
I can’t believe I broke up with catastrophe imminent!
xo, jeremy