To Victims Of BLANK (first letter)

It might be best if you can accept that BLANK isn’t usually a conscious decision.  If a person knows you’re dealing with BLANK, but doesn’t feel they should engage with the situation, it’ll probably be misguided of you to view this distancing as some kind of betrayal or abandonment. Sometimes a need or want doesn’t exist.  Try not to take it personally.  Then again, what do I know about BLANK?  If I could write and send a letter to the entire world about BLANK, I’m not sure what I would put in it.
You could try eradicating any sense of neediness.  If you’re feeling upset, depressed, or bitter, maybe it’s because you feel and/or think you need BLANK in order to be happy. Perhaps all one needs is a healthy dose of optimism or sensory pleasures or distraction or new goals. You may also find that you’re conveying a sense of neediness without even realizing it. Maybe you’re putting BLANK on a pedestal.
Perhaps you should try distancing yourself.  Staying close to BLANK can’t possibly be healthy. I don’t think I’d mention this to anyone, as they might try to convince you otherwise. Just try to get away for a while. Don’t call out for BLANK or go places where BLANK is.  Make yourself scarce. If you can’t avoid BLANK, only acknowledge or respond to what is happening slowly.  Only engage when you have a good excuse to excuse yourself after a few minutes. Take the time to reflect on your situation and learn more about yourself.  Then again, what do I know about BLANK?  If I were to die at midnight, I can’t say with certainty what I’d think or feel about BLANK at 11:45pm.
Maybe you should just enjoy being you.  Dealing with BLANK is probably a lot like getting over a break up, except that you’re feeling the loss of something that you’ve never had. Still, you’ll probably end up having to learn how to enjoy life without BLANK, which can be hard in our BLANK society, but still, I suspect (hope?) it’s do-able.
If you feel that you really, truly love BLANK, then perhaps you can love BLANK unconditionally. I think you’ll know you’ve reached that point when you can genuinely feel happy about BLANK, even if that happiness does not include you. With unconditional love, there’s no sense of loss, because you’re deriving happiness from the act of giving (not receiving).  Then again, what do I know about BLANK?  If I lost everything tomorrow, maybe I’d turn to BLANK despite everything I’ve written here.
Maybe I’m one of you.