To Those Who Miss Not Sent Letters & Guests (first letter)

Due to circumstances well beyond my control, there hasn’t been a public event in relation to this project for over a year and a half.  I can only imagine your existence, but believe me, I’m thankful for it.  Perhaps this not sent letter will be the closest we get to a shared exchange — and we all know not sent letters are anything but a shared exchange.  Only the events could allow for such a thing to happen, and it’s been too long without one.
Given the ongoing absence of the next Not Sent Letters & Guests  (or any other participatory public model of thought and action that refuses to enter relations of power) I urge you to develop forms and processes for the generation of your own not sent letters, no matter how well or badly you might seem to realize them in time.  Who’s to say what the criteria should be for assessing such a thing anyway?  Certainly not me.  Don’t do it for money or attention (or because I’ve asked you to).  Do it to find out what means what to you.  Do it to make more meaning for yourself. If you’re lucky, there will be moments along the way of grace and peace too.
You should start immediately and continue for the rest of your life.  Remember:  validation isn’t needed for whatever you come up with.  You don’t have to show, perform, recite or play the resulting stuff to anybody.  Set the material on fire or post it on the internet. It doesn’t matter.  By the time you finish doing whatever it is you’ve done you will have already lived a little on your own terms.  I can’t adequately express to you in words how that will feel but believe me when I tell you it is the beginning of finally becoming something of yourself despite the way things are (especially without Not Sent Letters & Guests).
We’ll get back to us with another event soon enough.  I promise.