To This Hatred Of The Homeless (first letter)

Can you acknowledge where you’re coming from?
Your people pretend they’re righteous — that they’re the deserving inheritors of the Neolithic fortress.  They try to rebuild the garden we’re supposedly cast out of.  It won’t be for everyone.  They establish their worthiness through preemptive claims of necessity, dues, democratic process, ownership.  They are building communities but community isn’t something inherently noble or inclusive.  Fascism has fostered some very robust communities.
I want you to face your origins.   The uselessness you target is their uselessness.  The weaknesses they abhor are their own.  Every residence is an occupation.  Belonging isn’t purchased.  Home has never been claimed out of the so-called wilderness.  It can’t be extracted like a resource – through a violation of the interconnectedness of things.  Didn’t you realize this as the colonial frontier began to close in on itself, speculating for profit over the reinvention of finite territories, through public and private realms, all known conceptions of space and time, our genetic material, our past and future thoughts, the engineering of desire?
A home is something you learn to be a part of.  It changes with your integration and you’re transformed in the process.   It’s a mutual acceptance.  Everything awaits this understanding but your people won’t get over themselves.
You’re a constant misdirection of the self-loathing and helplessness that comes with an abandonment of the common good.