To Theodor W. Adorno (first letter)

Dear Professor,
There’s too much to write about. I’ll try and keep things simple this first time out.
Can you refuse the way things are without perpetuating clich├ęs?
Am I suspect for asking?
Being difficult, refusing to cater, going your own way — these things can produce their own brand of cringe-inducing kitsch, a mush of arduousness that smothers self-reflexivity, a vain onslaught of juvenile distress and presumed righteousness that displaces all insight, an ongoing wave of unintentionally bad art that only helps to maintain the status quo.
It’s also possible that people like Sisyphus are happy with their circumstances — that their struggles are representative of being truly alive.
Your boulder has been thought itself, thinking things through, thinking openly despite the temptations of reactionary praxis and pseudo-activity. This has been your struggle. It’s an affirmation of life — a continuance of liberty despite the division of labour. I believe it.