To The Makers of Storybook Gardens (first letter)

Dear Folks,
What did you accomplish in that sleepy town of London, Ontario?
I don’t know who these people are but I have a picture just like it with my brother and I in their place. A friend came by last night and told me she had one with her sister.
Are there thousands, perhaps millions, of Tweedledees and Dums out there? Did you design this phenomena as some sort of allegorical portrait of enlightened individualism at the close of the 20th Century?
That sense omnipresence amongst the miniatures can be so enticing, but the chipped paint and disrepair leaves one a melancholy god, even as a child.
I’ve recently discovered a miniature world out in Victoria, BC. At one time it must have been the pride of such a remote colonial outpost, but now the facility, like your own creation, persists as an odd collection of fading fragments.