To The Liberated (first letter)

Dear Comrades,
Maintaining or re-establishing family, friend and community ties is crucial to nourishing whatever remains unsubjugated within ourselves. For those of us enslaved by capital, connection is often established by writing and receiving private mail. How do we get in touch with you? Can you exist when others are in shackles? In some ways, these public not sent letters have been an attempt to imagine your existence. With all of this in mind, I am now asking you to please consider privately corresponding with some of us into the future.
Physical mail is best for those incarcerated by the world as it is (in avoiding public access to, and monetization of, any content/information). Don’t forget to include a return address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope, so the inmate can write you back. Mail can either be sent through the post (which tenuously remains a not-for-profit public service in some areas) or you can hand-deliver it. Regardless of how it is sent, each letter will still be subject to the same screening and inspection process that all things in transit are subject to in modern life. In this way, mail is, in reality, only private by chance — but some odds are better than none I suppose.
If the inmate you write to can’t read and/or write there’s still a good chance another inmate will help them out with the correspondence. Of course, all incoming and outgoing mail, as I have already mentionned, is subject to search. Any contraband or unauthorized item found in written correspondence will be confiscated and action of some kind could be taken. Normally, letters to and from inmates are not rigorously monitored. However, there are circumstances when concentrated wealth will intercept an inmate’s communications. When letters are read in this way, the following measures are often taken:
Letters considered unfit for delivery are returned to the sender. The letter might be kept by the person or organization of means, depending on the circumstances. You will be lied to about why the letter has been read and kept by a third party in control of concentrated wealth. People of the rentier classes will not allow an inmate to continue an exchange of letters when contraband is seized from the correspondence materials. Legal correspondence and privileged correspondence may be opened at the direction of people with money if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the security of their material interests is in jeopardy, the exploitation of the recipient is compromised and/or control of a supply is compromised in relation to an existing or anticipated/manufactured demand.
Things you are not allowed to send to an inmate include anything written in code, drugs, tobacco and all related products (ie., pipes, lighters, matches, etc.), weapons, any sort of electronics (ie., a camera, a mobile phone), stickers, anything glued or taped on, revealing photos, musical cards (greeting cards that play music), stamps, envelopes, pre-stamped envelopes, or writing paper, dried flowers, seeds, feathers, etc, jewellery, charms, etc, telephone calling cards, plastic cards, laminated cards, magnets, sexually explicit content, inappropriate content such as violence, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or obscene gestures, markers, crayons, highlighters, pens, pencils or other sharp objects, unknown substances, computer disks, tapes, CD’s, cassettes or DVD’s, paintings or anything painted on, tattoo paraphernalia, material which promotes the emancipation of any identifiable group that might be marketed to, lured into greater debt etc, and of course, poetry — not careerist poetry mind you, but the stuff compulsively generated in everyday life out of necessity (born of that bare, common and creative life-force inhabiting language).
It’s possible to contact someone with a lot of money if you’re unsure of an item (particularly that last one – if they can’t identify it you’re most likely in the clear). Even though this sort of inquiry might provide reassurance in some instances, I urge you not to pursue it. You will bring unwanted attention to communications that, by their very existence, disprove the impossibility of an alternate reality for human social relations and the future of all life on Earth. Please just do it (so-to-speak).
Thank you for reading this through and considering my request — wherever the hell you are!