To The First Humans (first letter)

Dear Folks,
Things have gotten pretty weird. It turns out we exist on a gigantic spherical mass hurtling through space. It’s in orbit, circling around that light-ball in the sky.
We can destroy all known life in less than a couple of days.
About one tenth of us have pinkish white skin that seems mildly translucent (apparently it helps to absorb vitamin d from sunlight filtered through cloudy northern skies). It’d probably scare the shit out of you to see it.
Most of us live at least three times longer than any of you ever did. A lot of us are very uncomfortable with being naked in public.
We have found your foot prints and the remains of your fires.
Did you know you were mortal before one of you fell?
Would you ever think of us? Did you imagine your children?
I’ve only just begun to tell you how much everything has changed. I’m not sure if it’s possible for anyone to truly comprehend it.
I keep trying to get back to you.