To The Editors (first letter)


Dear Folks,
I have not been professional.  If you peruse this project  for a while you might notice (of course you’ll notice) that I haven’t identified myself with any consistency either (although this might be the most accurate thing I could present about myself or anyone else).  I’ve not always been polite, and certainly it is not for me to judge if I’ve been persuasive in any given instance. I offer no demonstration of credentials and have never verified the authenticity of anything I have done or not done.  I have never signed these letters, in part because I haven’t printed them out and sent them to anyone.
I’ve digressed and ran on a bit, but I’ve also been brief and to the point sometimes.  I rarely attempt a compelling introductory sentence but admit to the practice occasionally.  I usually don’t follow a first line with short, clear, factual points or introduce myself in some socially expected way that might be relevant (perhaps authoritative) to whatever subjects are at hand.  Am I always stating a case in all of this, whether I mean to or not?  Is that something I should/can decide?
Perhaps everything relates to home (its possibility, presence, absence, impossibility) but I am not here to bring you there.  I might end with a call to action but do I mean what I write?  Do I mean something else?
Please think about that (there I go again).  Eventually I’ll call on you because I have to (and I’ll desperately want you too).  We will need a shared understanding.