To The Cynically Reasoned, Unwitting Hysterics, Predatory Hustlers Masquerading As Leadership, The Least Among Us And Everyone Else Caught Up In The Global Race To The Bottom While Bombarded By Ideologically Repugnant Pep Talks (first letter)


In approaching The End, it has become clear to us all that nobody has ever really owned or controlled anything, and yet saying, hearing or reading the word Art can still cause a numbing sense of colonizing devastation. Everyone has known the humiliation of Art at one time or another: to be turned down for Art, left out of Art, denied membership in an Art club, shattered by unrequited Art appreciation, etc.
Art can either flatten you, leaving you victimized, hollow and ashamed, or it can challenge you to step toward a becoming. Instead of letting Art hurt you beyond hope and ordain you as a failure, track it down to your own agency. When and if you are an Artist –- professionally, personally or both — look deep inside yourself for the reasons. If you’re honest, you’ll recognize them. If and when you decide to turn Art into a beginning, rather than a kick in the face, it will be obvious which reasons should be claimed or abandoned. You’ll also identify the obstacles to overcome and surmount them. The pain of Art turns to promise. The End is displaced by futures.
Try interviewing. Ask friends what Art has turned out for them. Try realism. Determine what Art is actual and imagined. Try objectivity. Decide what Art is personal and what Art is the projection of self-interested people and structures spreading misery. Try understanding. Analyze other people’s motivations for Art. Try promptness. Answer Art the very moment you receive it. Try delight. Grin to yourself while engaged with Art. Try introspection. Ask yourself what really causes certain Art. Try communication. Tell someone about Art. Try organization. Plan accomplishments for your Art and follow through. Try appreciation. Periodically imagine life without it.
Never forget that Art is all over and try again. It isn’t too late – not yet anyway.