To Readers Of Not Sent Letters On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 20, 2020 (first letter)


Dear Friends,
So far I’m in a better mood this year.  The odd message from some of you has been thoughtful and rejuvenating.   This joy of assuring contact is such a moving force isn’t it? One of the most beautiful in life to be sure…  It’s no wonder now, given the predatory ruthlessness fostered by market-driven ideology over the past forty years or more, that these connections have been so effectively simulated and monetized.  This will never prevent me from missing you all, from reaching out to you without second guessing it.  I know we are persisting, alive and energized, despite the violent death-throws of the world we’ve been trying to change.  It feels as though I’ve missed each of you since before we knew each other.  It’s as if we exist to discover this.
At this point I’ll refrain from going off any further with unwitting poeticism and romantic tangents (you’re welcome).  Will I ever find a way to express what this project has facilitated and how it makes me feel?  Maybe I’ll arrive at something in a not sent letter to come.  Maybe it will happen during that near-future moment when capitalist relations end.
We all know what that will take — and there’s a sense of what’s coming that is almost unbearable.  Everybody can now imagine the scenario(s), even those of us who keep denying the inevitableness of it.   Our economic system is facing a radical impasse that it cannot survive, and certainly the changes to come are needed, regardless of our continued existence, let alone an “economy”.  If people do remain, I hope they’ll live through a war-less future of mutual aid, the collapse of divisions between art and everyday life, a collaborative integration of human action and the rest of the living world, a solidarity that transcends difference while cherishing its sacredness.  I pray that my two boys, and all of your children too, experience this.
Until next time,