To Readers Of Not Sent Letters (fourth letter)

Art is waiting, arriving, gone and coming back.
Art is happening whether you want it to or not.
Art isn’t necessarily called Art.
Art makes culture nervous.
Art can activate a transfigurative energy-as-sustenance within you (newly discovered or returning).
Art isn’t exclusionary or inclusive, difficult or easy, tedious or interesting, pretentious or unassuming, arrogant or humble, conniving or honest, cruel or benevolent (unlike people and societies).
Art isn’t something you fail at.
Art was born to everyday life, befriending the exiled and dispossessed.
Art exists despite economies (not because of them).
Art waits out rationalizations.
Art remembers that Truth might exist and wonders if you should be searching for it.
Art is a commons of becoming, perennially in jeopardy.
Art has always been enough.