To Prayers Of Thanks (first letter)

You’re my favorites.  There’s no threat of emotional collapse, vindictiveness or need, begging, false praise, bullshit under duress…
A sense of weightlessness overcomes me in your presence.
It’s something so heartwarming I never worry about losing it.
Past and future anchors float away without purpose or struggle.  We drift together carelessly.  I’ve known you to grace the unfiltered thoughts of the innocent. Your best moments are so effortless and honest, like the frank insights and loyalty to be found in true friends.
There’s no need of address.  Pronouns are remade to encompass all things at once.  You can be said for the sake of it without any abstraction.
Faith claims your allegiance with such expectation, but you only come into being without want. 

You arrive with the gift of Now and I can’t thank you enough.