To Noam Chomsky (first letter)

Dear Mr. Chomsky,
Can thankless diligence protect the truth? Will it always be hijacked by absolutes and a maintenance of the status quo?
I used to avoid your writing. I judged you to be an unwitting essentialist, but over time I’ve had a change of heart. I keep coming across layers and versions of the Big Lie you’ve attacked for decades (the illusion of liberal democracy maintained by concentrated wealth).
The burden of truth has perhaps seemed frightening — an overwhelming task compared to facing each other, over the years, in complicity.
I’ve seen fear and resignation dissolve when the truth is taken on. It works hard in every instance (despite the lost benefits for those who opt out of the way things are).
You are unafraid and happy.  This is the most important thing to be ignored by those still in the game.