To Mr. Zuckerberg (first letter)



Dear Sir,
I am writing about a problem I’m experiencing at work, and as you know (and have helped to facilitate), work has expanded to encompass the entirety of existence within one generation. It is a problem that is causing me some concern as I’ve been unable to solve it independently.  We’re all in this together after all, whether we like it or not.  This is a not sent letter of course, and you will most likely never read it.  Some covert AI, or under-slept, cubicle-entrenched, web-monitor-lackey-working-under-protest might.  Maybe they can talk some decency into you.
Back in 2007 or thereabouts, before what now feels like the entirety of my life, I caved, opening up an account within your invention. I currently find it very tiring. Up until now, I’ve been partially supportive of what can come from all of this (particularly with a change in ownership) but my attitude has changed.  The last straw (I mean it this time) has been your recent admission of intentionally profiteering from the dissemination of lies.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve never suspected you might be concerned about the common good.  I’ve realized from the start that I was acting against my own interests in deciding to engage with a technological entrenchment of social relations mediated by weaponized representations. I kept telling myself I wouldn’t provide the “real” me, but of course my participation over the years, regardless of intent, has only fueled the fires now burning up what remains of lived experience and human dignity. I’ve tried talking about all of this with people who didn’t cave in the first place, but they refuse to listen to me with any semblance of trust or sympathy.  It’s always as if I’ve just been bitten by a zombie.
Perhaps this thing — what began as a means to stalk and control a woman who denied you — must end in horrific violation.  Perhaps obscene crimes have become an endless norm.  You seem indifferent within your capital bubble, as if there is always going to be a way to pay people off, even as society and the material foundations supporting it are raped to death.
You have been overtly cognizant of distraction, boredom, desire and lack, as if seeking revenge for your inability to escape them, as if you were a victim that has become an abuser.  It’s the absurd, totalizing jump in scale with this inversion that has really freaked the rest of us out.  Your haircut is also quite disturbing.  It can’t be unseen.
If you really want to get the girl in the end (so-to-speak), if you want unconditional love and peace of mind in your life, you’ll have to care about other people, even if you can’t make any money off them.  It’s not too late to apologize and hand over the means of production.  Let the countless souls you’ve tortured decide what happens next.  Imagine an emoji for that!