To Me On The Brink Of Fifty (first letter)

Dear Me,
Are you reviewing your life before finishing the rest of it? Are you taking time out to assess any redundancies? Everyday existence is often daunting, but suddenly facing what remains of your life can be far worse.
You may feel anxious about engaging with the rest of your time. You may worry that skills you’ve acquired along the way aren’t what they used to be, that a lot has changed since you first tried to figure out what to do with your life. Many people at this juncture make the mistake of jumping straight back into the rest of their lives. If you’re not sure about the life you’ve lived so far, the rest may sense your uncertainty and want out — but if you secure a future path that isn’t suitable, you might find yourself hopping from one unfinished final chapter to the next, and then, suddenly, you’re dead.
Assess your situation and remember, what happened for you before the remainder of your life may not be best from here on in, but it has brought you to where you are. You might believe that a rift between your earlier life and what’s left of it will ruin both. Instead of seeing it as detrimental, look to this moment as something that will differentiate the rest of your life from an existence by default (plan or no plan).
If you haven’t known what to do next for a long stretch of time (perhaps for as long as you can remember) please don’t deny it. A recognition like this can provide a lot of benefits that will help you to further exist, regardless of outcomes. Consider all of the questions you’ve been asking yourself. How are they already contributing to the remainder of your life?
Think critically about the concerns others have had. Did they wonder if they knew how to proceed with the rest of their lives? What you’re dealing with is more common than you might assume it to be. So are the paralysis and dread that can follow.
If you’re still feeling apprehensive about entering what remains of your time alive, remember this not sent letter — and never think twice about writing us another one.