To Me A Little While Ago (second letter)


Dear Me,
Thanks for writing more not sent letters and persisting with our project. While it’s never been a good fit for us, I suggest you try again in our future-past. I’d like to read a not sent letter where you focus more thoroughly on our character and a sense of purpose — something immediately recognizable and communicable to anyone. I want to visit the website now and read a not sent letter like that.
At times, your efforts have wandered, and I find myself wanting clarity from start to finish – also a feeling of accomplishment that is externally validated without discrediting the point of our efforts.  I’m left wanting something of everything you didn’t write about. You’ve been fleetingly intriguing while sadly unformed and uninformed. Yes. Please try again. Please consider us in our future-past. Perhaps, if you did/do, I won’t exist as I am and this letter can’t happen — not like this anyway.
Best wishes as always,