To Masochists Of The Theatre (first letter)

“Where are we without the love of others?”
“Where are those beyond recognition?”

I’ve prepared a play in one act for us — the first of many. If it weren’t for theatre, what form would your distractions take? If it weren’t for this you might wonder why we bother. Are there any answers? What drama!
The lights go down. The house falls silent with an audience of strangers (and people you think you know). Judgment is momentarily suspended.
This is it…
“Do you love me?”
“We’ve never loved you.”
“But I’ve tried so hard for you all to love me.”
“You’ve always been stupid, abhorrent, pathetic. Now you’re boring too.”
“Please love me.”
Chorus members enter:
Well, you get the idea — and it doesn’t matter if you like it. There’ll always be more coming with compulsions like this.