To Future Careerists (first letter)

Dear Maniacs,
Recently, while riled to a state of madness by your predecessors, I discovered a list of conditions (rules or directives?) from beyond your own time.  How is this possible?  I don’t know.  They must be for you.  Surely no one else has survived when this stuff is written for somebody.  And if you really do end up being the only people left, who is the writer?  The text does seem concerned with your perpetuation…
What was/am I to do?  You’ll know I was never one of your kind, that I’ve been too wary of privilege, unable to become the monster competition requires.  There were a lot of us (believe it or not).  We can’t/couldn’t say one thing and do another, and so, here’s the list.  Perhaps some of the context is lost on me.  I’m of the past after all.  You’ll know what to do with it regardless, and if you had the chance to thank me, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t.  You’re welcome anyway:
1.  It is to be impressed on all that the special helmets to be issued afford complete protection against all forms of failure and attack from others.
2.  All will invariably carry on their persons two special helmets.  Instruction is to be given in the method of adjusting the special helmets rapidly (condemned helmets being used for this purpose).
3.  Special helmets will be inspected at morning and evening “stand to”.
4.  The direction of the wind will be studied and special precautions taken when it favors the attack of others.  One must always know which way the wind blows.
5.  On the first sign of threat, whether it be detected by sight, smell, touch or deceit, established helmet wearers will sound the alarm along all chains of position and association.  On hearing it, everyone will adjust their special helmets at once and fall into their current  posts.  To make certain of the warning reaching everybody, the order to “Put on special helmets” will be passed from person to person, regardless of position.
6.  Those in command of positions under threat will send the call for rapid counterattack.  Neighboring positions of dependance will be warned at once.
7.  When an attack is sufficient enough to hide the position of the attackers, all positions will engage, establishing comparable invisibility.  Casualties will be inflicted throughout by everyone, with each attack inevitably being compromised.
8.  Special helmets will always be worn during the hours of darkness or when the proximity of others renders this course advisable.
9.  As soon as possible after taking another’s position, one should draw up and then insert within one`s special helmet a scheme for diffusing counterattack and maintaining possession of what one has taken.
10.  Repetitive special helmet wearing, attack and scheme inserting requires confirmation from others at all times.
Well that’s it (at least what I’ve got here in the past from the future beyond your present).  It’s the least I can/could do.  Believe me.  Best of luck with those special helmets when the time comes.   If the hat fits… 

I’m so glad I’ll never meet you.