To Everyone Now Struggling (first letter)

Surely none of us support or want to be affiliated with the ongoing displacement of a just society.
I believe the aspirations of the working poor were often adopted across socioeconomic backgrounds because a common, better world was recognized within them.  I am proud of this shared lineage and what it has represented throughout my life: cooperative solidarity, self-determination and concern for others, even in the face of incredible hardship and treachery.  Decency is an important part of our self-worth, and was consciously cultivated without prejudice, from generation to generation, within countless subcultures, to this very day.  To be ethical is a strength that is shared, not a weakness that isolates.
We are witnessing a terminal assault on the integrity of our convictions within a seemingly final, dire stage of the class war.  Hierarchies have infiltrated our ranks to the point of overrunning them, fulfilling the divide and conquer aims of concentrated wealth.  Please don’t contribute to their maintenance and growth.  Refuse to participate within spectacles of domination, correct tendencies and victimization.  None of us should be engaging with such behaviour (and yet here I am, imploring all of you as if I know better – at least it is in a not sent letter).  Abandon any want of affirmation within the political theatre of the present and embrace your fellow travelers as family, no matter how different they may seem or be.  Turn the intolerant., within and without.  Abandon competition and career for service to others.  Enact living dialogue and refuse the machinations of capital.  Do this and you will never lose the love of true comrades.  Do this and fascism will not prevail.  Do this and the path of destruction will be overgrown with life.
Remember the words of our beloved fallen brother Buenaventura Durruti:


I believe, as I always have, in freedom. The freedom which rests on the sense of responsibility. I consider discipline indispensable, but it must be inner discipline, motivated by a common purpose and a strong feeling of comradeship.

In pursuit of peace, love and unity my dear friends,