To Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (first letter)

Dear Dr. Ford,
I write, in part, to process what you have so courageously revealed:  There is the truth of what we are subjected to, what we are forced to endure and witness without choice, and then, concurrently, there is the ongoing lie of what is stated and represented to us as the truth of these experiences, the never ending falsehoods, the maniacal propagation of alternative facts, the rotten edifice we are forcibly up against. You’ve led us, among many other things, to a confrontation with this brutal conflation of life and representation in our everyday lives.  There’s nothing “normal” about it.  You have affirmed the existence and commonality of this imposed condition.
You remind us of a devastating insight, one of many clearly addressed by James Baldwin from deep within the belly of the beast (and later in self-imposed exile): The victim who is able to articulate the situation of the victim has ceased to be a victim: he or she has become a threat. Perhaps more importantly, you’ve made those who dismiss and mock your testimony face their own victimization and continued silence, their reduction to symptoms of a patriarchal, materialist endgame of systemic exploitation, sexual predation, sadism and death, their inability to acknowledge, let alone express, their own dehumanization, their failure to reclaim the promise of decency in all of our lives.
You have refused cognitive dissonance — a shame that was never yours to begin with. You are doing what the enemies of The People don’t have the strength or sense of self-worth to do, and perhaps never will (and they must know it – no matter how unspoken it remains on their lips). Their hearts might stop in unpacking the shame they accumulate and continue to carry. They win battles, but each marks an eventual loss of the war, an unbearable defeat, wrought from the start. In taking the highest court of your country despite you, they’ve rendered it meaningless, illegitimate.  All ensuing violence will be known for what it is.
Thank you, always,