To Dr. Brute (first letter)

Dear Dr. Brute,
I hope you’re well and still enjoying yourself. I’ve finally obtained your contact info and wonder if you’d be willing to play a main character for a new film project of mine…
It’s structured around the voices of three survivors of a “global outbreak” originating in the slums surrounding the 2010 Winter Olympics. These characters hide on a remote Gulf Island for 30 years, periodically scavenging the ruins of Vancouver for supplies.
Over the course of the film two voices/characters, those of an unnamed woman (perhaps Lady Brute?) and a younger male figure (does he have a gun?) are revealed to be figments of your imagination (your character’s imagination). The whole thing will be an earnest inquiry into the ontology of freedom as it relates to mythologies of the West Coast after WWII. There will be no answers. Everyone will die betrayed. You’ll want to watch it over and over again.
You’ll appear on camera dressed as a disheveled Keystone Cop.
You’re the right age for the part and your sensitive appreciation of film noir is most definitely required.
Your attitude can fill an empty room — a non-space after the apocalypse. Steel and flesh will be involved. You can count on it. With good planning the shoot can be completed in half a day (it’s meant to look and sound as if it were made by your character within the plot — a kind of last testament to be found by future trans-human zombies or whatever).
Your performance will demand that we reach the end of the West, the end of fear, the end of good taste and bad. We’ll have an amazing time.
Thanks for your interest and patience reading through all of the above.
Keeping my fingers crossed,