To Curatorial Studies Graduates (first letter)

Dear Arrivals,
Does one ever stop thinking about capital?  Imagine yourself saying this:  It just feels that I shouldn’t be here and that you shouldn’t even bring this stuff up.  Whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, big or small, keeping track of inventory is essential.  STAY FRESH.  You must have responses for me, for anybody, new directions, exclusive access to information with currency, exclusive access to information about what information has currency, an exclusive access that prevents me from fully appreciating the thoughtful complexity of your intentions.  STAY INFORMED.  Some goods, such as food or applied ethics, have limited shelf lives.
I don’t know, I feel so awful, always harping back to the past.  Why was I born; I just feel so awful.  You’ll think I’m so awful, bringing all this up again.  It can sound like the past has spontaneously arrived here.  No.  It’s rather that it’s come and found you. Some products need to be sold before their demand is diminished.  STAY FOCUSED. That’s what you’re good at.  By utilizing good procedures, your inventory will keep moving along at a pace that maximizes profits.  STAY TUNED.  Will you find yourself enthralled with the night again, with listening, with breathing in?
Are you trying to make something out of nothing?  STAY CLAM.  Do you want to authenticate what you’ve chosen to be associated with?  Big operators have shipping and receiving departments.  Hear yourself saying this:  It feels like things keep on repeating themselves, and they’re just going to keep on repeating themselves.  The memories keep coming back, and it keeps on happening.  Something must  happen, sooner or later, but the pattern is still there.  What is the pattern; what does it look like?  I don’t know.  A small player may operate by letting whomever is standing by the door accept the next inventory shipment.  STAY HUNGRY.  Keep making things up and performing your loyalties.
I’m wondering then . . . what’s the connection; what is repeating?  That I should just keep out . . . that there is nothing I can create or get right.  This can lead to confusion, as each receiver has his own way of handling orders.  By assigning one person as the gatekeeper, that person will be responsible when discrepancies or problems arise.  STAY DRIVEN.  Are you trying to author unquestionable truths (fabrications impervious to verifiability)?  STAY POSITIVE.  Have you cared for anyone lately without expectations?
Could you lose yourself in a particular color?  Evaluate the service from each vendor. How quickly do they fulfill your orders?  STAY CURRENT.  Do you wonder what it’s like to live underwater?  I imagine a spiral, a vortex; I wonder how it seems to you.  It’s all down to me being here.  STAY HOPEFUL.  Do they make mistakes with your orders or billing information?
Do you ever become secretly, overwhelmingly distraught by the horrific void resting between the moral platitudes of your peers and their everyday behaviours?  STAY ALIVE.  So that’s what’s being repeated?  That’s the connection.  That’s what it means to you.  Well, everything I try to do, I get it wrong. Not just get it wrong . . . I kill things.  I do it . . .  Visit with them to see their process and communicate any concerns or praise. Establishing an open platform will better prepare you to negotiate terms and receive overall service.  Inventory is your lifeblood; keeping it flowing depends on your network.
Are you considering much beyond career objectives, what your work can do for you, what people in your field are thinking (or not thinking) about your efforts, if you’re up to date or behind the times, if you’ll really make it out of the culture-less, poverty-stricken wasteland you probably come from without choice or desire?  STAY CHARMING.  What’s the feeling that goes with that . . . that it’s all down to you being here?  Horrible, hateful; . . . that it’s all down to me . . . my mistakes.  What is the point of me being here?  I’ve always said that I haven’t got a function in life; but at least if I haven’t got a function, if I don’t get things wrong. . . no-one gets hurt.  As your efforts grow, the need for an automated inventory system will become necessary.  Do you miss your family’s perfume?  Do memories come to you as you fall asleep and wake up?  STAY CONSCIOUS.  By implementing a system you will have the necessary real time information to make business-critical decisions.  Could you find yourself enthralled with the day again – with touch – with breathing out?