To Bohemia (first letter)

Oh! Bohemia!
What is happening to bourgeois sensibilities in the 21st century? Did you ever suspect your efforts would result in this paralytic state of deranged entitlements? Individuality is the new respectability. Imagine the niche markets. Will you ever find your correct self?
Your calls for equality, liberty and fraternity have been subsumed by the end of ideology and the relativization of value. If the whole world becomes an art school, will anyone drop out?
Are vultures inheriting the earth?
Somewhere, right now, a doctoral student from a privileged Central American colonial family writes about the agency of aboriginal working-poor peoples as revolutionary cultural producers during the post-war period (replete with misguided appropriations of post-structuralist texts) while sending back the wine at restaurants, ridiculing the homeless and complaining about the “simulation” of tailoring in the most recent lines from Banana Republic.
Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong type of bird to be swooping away with the planet.  I mean, who isn’t an albatross nowadays — flying high on giant wings — unable to walk among the masses? Baudelaire would have a seizure with so many big, dumb animals, circling around in a gigantic tangle of self-absorption, shitting on each other.
Oh! Bohemia!
What have you done?