To Any Memory Of Bartolomé de las Casas Beyond The End Times (first letter)


What remained of The Amazon was invaded in August of 2019, and temporarily inhabited by profiteering agents of the capitalist death cult (many among them were partially descended from the Spaniards), this time with the false permissions of Bolsonaro.  Soon afterwards, the entirety of the habitable earth was ruined with great haste. Their first assault was with the ruse of naturally occurring fires, which indeed are a most productive means of clearing life in abundance.  The remaining Amazon had a great reputation for its spaciousness and length, containing in circumference countless miles (although they were indeed calculated).  It was surrounded on all sides with an almost innumerable number of people indifferent to the mysteries it contained and ignorant of their dependence upon them.
The peoples first encountered with the invasion were innocently simple, altogether void of and averse to all manner of craft, subtlety and malice, and most obedient and loyal subjects to their native sovereigns, spirits and lands; and behaved themselves very patiently, submissively and quietly towards the profiteering invaders to whom they were momentarily subservient and subject too before their painful deaths; so that finally they lived without the least thirst after revenge, laying aside all litigiousness, commotion and hatred.
This was a most tender and effeminate people, and so imbecile and unequal-balanced temper, that they were altogether incapable of hard labour, and within a few weeks by one distemper or other soon expired.  These folks mastered very slender possessions, and consequently, they were neither haughty, nor ambitious – entirely alien to Bolsonaro’s murderous associates. They were parsimonious in their diet, as the Holy Fathers once were in their frugal life in the Desert. They went naked, having no other covering but what concealed their privates from public sight. They lived on a coarse rug or matt, and those that had the most plentiful estate or fortunes, the better sort, used nets, knotted at the four corners in lieu of beds, which many inhabitants, in their own proper idiom, termed hammocks. The men were pregnant and docile. — the natives tractable, and capable of morality or goodness, and very apt to receive the instilled principles of whatever construct was imposed upon them; nor were they averse to civility and good manners, being not so much discomposed by a variety of obstructions, as the rest of mankind. And to conclude, I would even hear the leaders of the death squad clearances (who dared not assume the confidence to deny the good nature predominant in these simple peoples) declare that there was nothing wanting in them for the acquisition of eternal beatitude but the sole knowledge and understanding of the Deity.  It was almost as if these murdering invaders understood their own wretched emptiness.  Almost.
They assaulted the innocent sheep, so qualified by the almighty, like most cruel tigers, wolves and lions hunger-starved, studying nothing, for the space of a month or two after their first fires, for indeed this was all the time it took to massacre all of these wretches, whom they so inhumanely and barbarously butchered and harassed with several kinds of torments, never before known, or heard, that of the millions of persons, creatures and other living things which were previously unknown (and never seen again).
Now the ultimate false end and scope that incited Bolsonaro’s actions (to endeavor the decimation of what remained of the Amazon) was material and monetary gains.  By growing opulent in a short time (and for a short time, as this death ultimately resulted in the elimination of all life) they desired to take at once degrees and dignities entirely inconsistent with their persons.
Finally, their ambition and avarice, of which the heart of man never entertained greater, and the vast wealth of those regions, the humility and patience of the inhabitants (which made an approach to these lands more facile and easy) whom they so despicably condemned, treating them (I speak of things which I have witnessed for anguished centuries, without the least fallacy) not as beasts, which I cordially wished they would, but as the most abject dung and filth of the Earth – all of this was cruelly combined in a manner that quickly led to a world that no longer knows of itself, an undead planet, a domain in which the consciousness of life has been entirely erased (excepting, of course, your own considerations dear reader).