Not Sent Letters & Guests @ VIVO Media Arts Centre

Friday Night, April 27th, 2012 Not Sent Letters Set Interdisciplinary Contributions

interdisciplinary works by Bobbi Kozinuk, Jill Henderson & Michael Drebert, Princess Randy aka Randy Gledhill, Alex Muir & Mangina  Weekend Leisure occupy the VIVO Video Bar all night long!Not Sent Letters Set by Jeremy Todd w/ Zuzia Juszkiewicz & Margaret Dragu A new NOT SENT LETTERS SET includes letters to Willing Conflators of Henry David Thoreau and Jeremy Todd, Northern Ontario Towns, and My Newsfeed, with readings, video and projections by JEREMY TODD, performance by MARGARET DRAGU and live scores by ZUZIA JUSZKIEWICZ.

JILL HENDERSON & MICHAEL DREBERT collaborate within a live drawing performance, asking the audience to ‘bring us your protests’,  then re-interpreting and drawing offered words and texts onto placards and banners to display and return to audience members.This work is presented in conjunction with THE DRAWING SALON, a traveling program of drawing workshops founded by Jill Henderson and Hannah Hughes and led by artists:  http://thedrawingsalon.orgMichael Drebert is an interdisciplinary artist from the Lower Mainland who led the Drawing Salon workshop “Mountain” in 2011. ALEX MUIR debuts “Late, Then Never”, a sound and picture show.  Alex was once VIVO’s utility boy, and although he never slept a night in the VIVO studio, he’s certainly napped there, and in coming back now and then, he feels more and more like it could be his bedroom.  In such a capacity he is a bedroom producer.
@ VIVO Media Arts Centre
1965 Main Street, Vancouver Fridday Night, April 27, 2011, 8pm-Midnight FREE 

Video documentation by Dinka Pignon.

Special thanks to Amy Kazymerchyk, Alexander Muir, Dinka Pignon.

PRINCESS RANDY, aka Randy Gledhill, appears resplendently before the assembled crowd, sharing an intriguing story of intimate (and perhaps compromising) proportions. BOBBI KOZINUK, a Vancouver-based media artist, technician and curator, utilizes readings, projection and audience participation to recreate scenes found within a 1970s behavioral manual for young women.  Bobbi has worked extensively within artist-run culture across Canada, exhibits work internationally and teaches electronics for artists at the University of British Columbia. MANGINA, the eclectic Vancouver-based duo of FREDERICK CUMMINGS & JAMES DIAMOND, perform a spectacular two-song set.  After opening for Ryan Trecartin at ECU in 2009, they’ve strutted their stuff at a Girls Rock Camp benefit, Centre A during the 2010 Winter Olympics, BLIM for Music Waste and Fake Jazz at the Astoria.
The Night In Pictures

Not Sent Letters Set – Margaret Dragu performs (Jeremy Todd, Zuzia Juszkiewicz & Margaret Dragu) Mangina!  Alex Muir sets up everyone in the main studio space. Jill Henderson, Michael Drebert & others.
Princess Randy aka Randy Gledhill Bobbi Kozinuk & friends Alex Muir Jeremy Todd, Zuzia Juszkiewicz & Margaret Dragu perform within a new Not Sent Letters set. 
Mangina! Jill Henderson & Michael Drebert about to begin Alex Muir Bobbi Kozinuk & friends
Princess Randy aka Randy Gledhill
Not Sent Letters Set – Margaret Dragu performs (Jeremy Todd, Zuzia Juszkiewicz & Margaret Dragu) Jill Henderson & Michael Drebert
Not Sent Letters Set (Jeremy Todd, Zuzia Juszkiewicz & Margaret Dragu)
Bobbi Kozinuk & Friends
Alex Muir
Princess Randy aka Randy Gledhill
Not Sent Letters Set – Jeremy Todd & Zuzia Juszkiewicz perform (Jeremy Todd, Zuzia Juszkiewicz & Margaret Dragu)