Not Sent Letters & Guests @ VIVO Media Arts Centre

Saturday Night, October 29th, 2011 Not Sent Letters Set Interdisciplinary Contributions

interdisciplinary works by Steven Hubert, Anakana Schofield & leannejnew media installations by Tanya Skuce & Jeremy Owen Turner, Elizabeth Milton & Sheila Poznikoff

digital film shorts by Nathan Matthews, Charlene Vickers, Graham Meisner, Natasha McHardy, Colin McLaine

Not Sent Letters Set by Jeremy Todd w/ Zuzia Juszkiewicz

live improvisational new music by CORNER

NOT SENT LETTERS is an entanglement by JEREMY TODD with technologies of the self, the politics of representation and the formation of cultural memory, involving online image/text posts, digital film shorts and live events. A new set selected from Not Sent Letters includes letters to The House That Karno Built (first letter), The New Man (first letter) and Intentional Hamming (first letter), with performance, image projection and live scores by ZUZIA JUSZKIEWICZ.


Not Sent Letters Set @ VIVO Media Arts, October 29, 2011:

ANAKANA SCHOFIELD & LEANNEJ debut WALKERS A textual mapping of body and space. A multi-textual mapping of the city we know as Vancouver. A city that is continually being developed and redefined by its intellectual denizens who attempt to explain Vancouver to itself. LEANNEJ is a text-based artist who exhibits in galleries and online while publishing in anthologies and magazines. ANAKANA SCHOFIELD writes fiction and criticism, recently curated Rereading the Riot Act with UNIT/PITT, and will have her episodic novel Malarky published by Biblioasis in the Spring of 2012. ELIZABETH MILTON & SHEILA POZNIKOFF debut SYMPATHYa performative investigation of greeting cards received and collected by the artists during periods of mourning. An attempt to reconstruct the banal sentimentality of the cards is made through photographic re-staging and theatrical experimentation. SHEILA POZNIKOFF is a Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker interested in the ruptures within cultural transmission through generations. ELIZABETH MILTON is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist and educator whose performative work integrates video and photography within experiential processes of character play.
@ Vivo Media Arts Centre
1965 Main Street, VancouverSaturday Night, October 29, 2011, 8-11:00pm $0-10 suggested donation

Video documentation by Dinka Pignon.  Special thanks to Amy Kazymerchyk, Alexander Muir, Dinka Pignon & John Brennan.

CORNER (cosmic improvisers of modern psychedelia based in Vancouver) return to Not Sent Letters & Guests and perform intermittently throughout the event. ANDREW SHORT, CORNER founder and scoring contributor to many Not Sent Letters Sets, is joined by two more returning members, SCOTT AITKEN & TRICIA BOER. STEVEN HUBERT debuts a powerpoint presentation that will function as an analogue to a muddled studio methodology — bustling with contingencies and contradictory affirmations while staving off boredom or the hell hounds of Surrealism. STEVEN HUBERT is currently completing his MFA in visual art at SFU. Painting and sculpture mainly. His powerpoint work is not as well-known. TANYA SKUCE & JEREMY OWEN TURNER debut ILLUMINATIa (mostly) ambient video-conceptual piece made in 2004 that merges Reggio-esque city scenes from Vancouver with direct inspiration from The Matrix Trilogy to involve viewers in a proxy-narrative and sense of perpetual paranoia. TANYA SKUCE is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist whose short films have been exhibited internationally. JEREMY OWEN TURNER is a PhD student at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology who has been exhibiting internationally as a performance artist in virtual environments since 1996.
Digital Short Contributions
NATHAN MATTHEWS (an interdisciplinary artist from Vancouver) debuts his first digital video work, Being There There, which re-imagines the feature film Being There as satire for a post-everything age. GRAHAM MEISNER (a Vancouver-based artist and new music composer) debuts ARTISTS’ STATEMENTS 1-3, a collection of three music videos linked by their common usage of on-screen text. The text is comprised of cut-ups from various artist statements found on the internet. The supposition posed by the video is that the description of an art piece supersedes the art itself. CHARLENE VICKERS (a Vancouver-based artist) returns to Not Sent Letters & Guests to screen her first digital film work: Through a continuous action something is remembered and forgotten. To wake up, to stand up, to sit-up, to create, and to pass on creation and process; memory is collected and shared. The artist documents herself and others carving a work in which process, performance and community intersect. COLIN McLAINE likes to make movies and returns to Not Sent Letters & Guests to present some. He uses a nikon coolpix camera on the film setting, edits with imovie and sometimes not at all, and has a BS in big quiet sound technologies acquired from big quiet sound laboratory in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.
NATASHA McHARDY (a Vancouver-based artist) returns to Not Sent Letters & Guests with a new animated short video exploring themes of desire, leisure and play.
 The Night In Pictures
 People! More People!  Sympathy, a new collaborative work by Elizabeth Milton & Sheila Poznikoff, installed in the south west corner of the main performance space. Elizabeth Milton & Sheila Poznikoff with Sympathy.
Jeremy Todd performs Not Sent Letters set. Michael Shumiachter listens.  Corner play w/ Andrew Short, Tricia Boer & friend, Scott Aitken.  Jeremy Todd and Zuzia Juszkiewicz perform within a new Not Sent Letters set. 
Zuzia Juszkiewicz performs within a new Not Sent Letters set. Installation of Illuminati by Tanya Skuce & Jeremy Owen Turner in the bar reception area. Dinka Pignon documents the movement of Steven Hubert’s lectern/cave/mobile-media-control-station-apparatus during his powerpoint presentation. Anakana Schofield & leannej present Walkers.
 The amazing Zuzia Juszkiewicz post-performance. Steven Hubert and collaborators deliver a powerpoint presentation.