Not Sent Letters & Guests @ The Biltmore Cabaret

Saturday Night, July 15th, 2011 Not Sent Letters Set
interdisciplinary works by Debra Zhou & Joomi Seo, Andrew Short, Dinka Pignon & Emma Hendrix, Alex Pensato, Mark Dahl, Guadalupe Martinez & Natalie Doonandigital film shorts by Paul Kajander & Dylan Godwin, Matilda Aslizadeh

installation work by Maria Hupfield & Charlene Vickers

Not Sent Letters Set by Jeremy Todd w/ Pink Island (Madoka Hara, Lee Hutzulak & Dave Leith)

DJ Sets by Christopher Olson

NOT SENT LETTERS is an ongoing series of epistolary detours by JEREMY TODD (an entanglement w/ practices of the self & the politics of representation) involving online image/text posts, digital film shorts & multi-media performances. Jeremy is joined by improvisational soundscape trio PINK ISLAND (MADOKA HARA, LEE HUTZULAK & DAVE LEITH) for a new Letters set. Biltmore Cabaret Not Sent Letters Set (July 15, 2010):

 Digital Short Contributions
@ Biltmore Cabaret
395 Kingsway, Vancouver
Thursday Night, July 15, 2010
8pm SHARP!
$5 @ the door
(suggested donation toward production costs & technician fees)

Video documentation by Matilda Aslizadeh.  Special Thank You to Aaron Schubert, Natasha McHardy & Matilda Aslizadeh.

PAUL KAJANDER & DYLAN GODWIN (two artist friends who’ve involved each other in various projects for over a decade) work as “equal partners” for the first time. A video documents their struggle to share authorial control while dissolving the roles of author, performer, camera operator & editor, revealing shared philosophical concerns & poetic impulses. MATILDA ASLIZADEH (an internationally exhibiting artist working w/ video & photography) returns to Not Sent Letters & Guests, presenting a new digital film meditation upon what lies beyond good & evil.
Interdisciplinary Contributions
DINKA PIGNON & EMMA HENDRIX (video installation & sound artist, respectively, w/ a strong affinity for the phenomenal, liminal, conceptual & minimal) debut Not Sure, a work engaging w/ the inherent ambiguity of things through video projection, sound & live performance. A continual sense of falling, through spaces between & beyond distinctions, is pursued. ALEX PENSATO (an internationally exhibiting artist, writer & curator) debuts Alexei-Alex-Axel within the audience, employing method acting as a strategy while flickering between the characters Alexei Ivanovich (Dostoevsky’s The Gambler, 1867) & Axel Freed (as played by James Caan in the 1974 film The Gambler) during moments of great loss. MARK DAHL (an autodidact & artist based in Coast Salish territory) debuts Transformation In Narrative: Reading He-Man, Pinocchio, and Romero, an analysis of fictional transformations involving subjecthood, objecthood, identity, phallocentrism & popular mythology. MARIA HUPFIELD & CHARLENE VICKERS (internationally exhibiting interdisciplinary artists who share an Anishnaabe, Ojibway heritage) debut Vestige Vagabond, presenting a selection of tactile art objects & no-tech gadgets (new touchstones of the absurd & traditional) to entice and deny ideals of collection, authenticity & monetary status.
VEDIC SPACE PROGRAM aka ANDREW SHORT (experimenting w/ found sound, samplers and analog synthesis to explore the outer fringes of auditory convention) debuts Psychiatric Consultations, remixing samples from the Roche Record Report Series (featuring panels of psychiatrists, counselors & family physicians) combined w/ electronics. GUADALUPE MARTINEZ & NATALIE DOONAN (a multidisciplinary artist from Argentina & an artist-educator interested in the possibilities & problems of communication, collaboration, public space, pedagogy & play) return to Not Sent Letters & Guests w/ a new collaborative work reflecting upon physical, emotional & intellectual forms of desire. DEBRA ZHOU & JOOMI SEO (a curator-artist & interdisciplinary artist often involved w/ collaborative art/sound projects & events) present a new work involving a sewing machine, violin, music score, text & calculated improvisation.
The Night In Pictures
Setting up @ The Biltmore Cabaret.   PEOPLE!! MORE PEOPLE!! Christopher Olson serenades the early am while skyping his sweetheart in Japan.