Not Sent Letters & Guests @ Kranky Cafe

Saturday Night, November 29, 2014 Not Sent Letters Set Interdisciplinary Contributions
interdisciplinary works by

Cynthia Fleur Bronaugh, Pietro Sammarco (on behalf of Spoox Audio Zine), Roxanna Bennett, Barry Doupe

short digital films by

Heidi May, Nancy Lee (aka Which Nancy)

a musical performance by

Faux Fantasy (Vanessa Sorenson & Ben Wilson)

Not Sent Letters Set by

Jeremy Todd w/ Elizabeth Milton & Rick Clark

JEREMY TODD presents a new NOT SENT LETTERS SET featuring ELIZABETH MILTON (keyboard) & RICK CLARK(bass guitar). The work incorporates performance, projections, live scoring, reading and play, with letters to Henry Georgeson, The Noises Our New Home Makes and This Hatred Of The Homeless, all selected from the project archive.

Please note that this clip begins half way through the first of three letters in the set.


Not Sent Letters Set (November 29, 2014):



PIETRO SAMMARCO, an editor of the online audio zine SPOOX, solicits the help of the audience to record the sound of a crowd pictured in a found video clip. The finished recording will be included in the next issue of Spoox. CYNTHIA FLEUR BRONAUGH, a Vancouver-based artist with a background in art history and administration, debuts MESSAGE, a short slide show of images and text which comment on some underlying and misguided advice, words of wisdom, deep thoughts and self affirmations culled from media sources.

Please note that this work was initially presented as a slide show with accompanying audio components.


216 E. 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Saturday Night, November 29, 2014
$5 Suggested Donation – No One Turned Away (but space/seating is extremely limited).


Special Thanks to Tondela Myles @ Kranky for hosting the project and Kate Henderson for the photo documentation.


ROXANNA BENNETT, a non-fiction writer and artist-educator living outside of Toronto, reads a short series of found poems via skype, sourced from an ongoing text message conversation with TARA-MICHELLE ZINIUK about voice, identity and the act of changing a pronoun to radically alter meaning. Roxanna’s debut poetry collection, The Uncertainty Principle, is now available from Tightrope Books.

Please note that this clip presents an introduction and first poem excerpt from a longer skype presentation/reading of approximately 20 minutes.

FAUX FANTASY, the moody, synth-driven pop duo of VANESSA SORENSON & BEN WILSON, deliver a performance inspired by Austra, Trust, Com Truise, John Maus, Helmut Lachenmann, Man Ray, venetian blinds, indoor plants, Fujifilm Superia ISO 400 and air conditioning (their debut EP, Bouquet, was released in July of 2014). BARRY DOUPÉ, a Vancouver-based artist primarily working with computer animation, reads a script from an in-progress work.

Please note that this clip presents an excerpt from a longer reading of approximately 20 minutes.

Digital Short Films
HEIDI MAY, an interdisciplinary artist and researcher currently residing in Columbus, Georgia, debuts a short video, entitled Some Things Come To Those Who Wait, that explores the internet’s process of becoming and addresses our desire for hyper attention. NANCY LEE (aka Which Nancy), a Vancouver-based Taiwanese-Canadian filmmaker and video artist, debuts a work about being freed of identities imposed by context. How do potentialities of self find expression in foreign environments that are seemingly limitless?
The Evening In Pictures:
Getting ready. Photo by Kate Henderson. Barry reads.
Close quarters.
Faux Fantasy perform.  Photo by Kate Henderson.
Cynthia debuts Message.
Pietro presents.
Roxanna reads via Skype from Toronto. Volunteer mic holders for Pietro’s Spoox collaboration with the audience.  Photo by Kate Henderson.
Watching and listening. Not Sent Letters Set in progress. Photo by Kate Henderson.
Skype test.  Photo by Kate Henderson.
Nancy debuts a new film.
Barry reads.  Photo by Kate Henderson.
Faux Fantasy perform.  Photo by Kate Henderson.
Hoodlums. Roxanna reads via skype.
Not Sent Letters Set in progress.  Photo by Kate Henderson.
Dapper observer.
Heidi debuts Those Who Wait.
Vanessa of Faux Fantasy sings.  Photo by Kate Henderson.
Not Sent Letters Set in progress.  Photo by Kate Henderson.
Pietro presents.