Not Sent Letters & Guests @ Dockside Studio

Saturday Night June 25th, 2011 Not Sent Letters Set Interdisciplinary Contributions Digital Short Contributions
interdisciplinary works by Nimalan Yoganathan, Zuzia Juszkiewicz, Guadalupe Martinez & Nicolas Gonzalez,
Mark Dahl
digital film shorts by 
Graham Meisner, Heidi May, Matilda Aslizadeh
installation work by Michael Shumiatcher

Not Sent Letters Set by Jeremy Todd w/ Scott Aitken, Tricia Boer & Andrew Short


NOT SENT LETTERS is an ongoing series of epistolary detours by JEREMY TODD (an entanglement with technologies of the self, the politics of representation and the formation of cultural memory) involving online image/text posts, digital film shorts and live events. The next Not Sent Letters Set features scores by ANDREW SHORT, image projection and live performance. GUADALUPE MARTINEZ is a visual artist investigating subject-object relational dynamics within a conceptual framework. NICOLAS GONZALEZ is a musician with an extensive background in computer technology. Together they debut a performance exploring the possibilities of embodying relationship and creating dialogue through music, video and live improvisation. HEIDI MAY is an interdisciplinary artist and educator examining visual language systems of contemporary culture and relational processes of learning. Heidi will show an experimental video that attempts to capture perceptual processes within multimedia and multitasking, stemming from her ongoing online artwork Selfpost | Postself.
@ Dockside Studio
Saturday Night, June 25, 2011, 8pm-11:30pm
119 Main Street, Vancouver
$5 suggested donation
(toward production expenses & support of Nimalan Yoganathan’s visiting participation in the 2011 Signal & Noise Festival)

Special Thanks to Matilda Aslizadeh and

Not Sent Letters Set @ Dockside Studio, June 25, 2011:

ZUZIA JUSZKIEWICZ is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist exploring musical composition. For Not Sent Letters & Guests she debuts an oratorio that rejects structural uniformity while honoring sacred subjects. MATILDA ASLIZADEH is a Vancouver-based artist working in video and photography. Recent showings of her work include a solo exhibition at SFU Gallery titled Phantom Smile that grew out of a previous contribution to Not Sent Letters. She returns with a new found footage digital short.

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Michael Shumiatcher, an artist and educator in dialogue with minimalist and conceptual traditions. As hosting artist at Dockside Studio, Michael has been able to develop an installation for the event featuring 5 concrete “paintings” and a found ready-made. NIMALAN YOGANATHAN is a Montreal sound artist and musician exploring the inherent musicality of our natural and cultural environments. Improvised electronics and rhythms will harmonize with raw and processed field recordings gathered throughout Southeast Asia, generating sonic snapshots of Hindu and Buddhist temple ceremonies, bustling cities, and dense rainforests. MARK DAHL is a contemporary artist, autodidact and writer who lives and works in Vancouver. He will be giving a talk on Google Earth and the horizon. GRAHAM MEISNER is a composer/video maker working in Vancouver. He debuts the digital video short 500 Words On The Parthenon Frieze, exploring the relationship between an artwork and its fragmented, reconfigured audio/visual representations. The work also addresses the correlation between theoretical discourse and art phenomena as subject matter.
The Night In Pictures
Tricia Boer, Andrew Short & Scott Aitken play between works.  Mark Dahl presents. Nimalan Yoganathan enchants. Guadalupe Martinez & Nicolas Gonzalez about to begin.
Zuzia Juszkiewicz enchants. People! More People! Heidi May sets up. 
The third letter of the Not Sent Letters set in full swing.