Not Sent Letters & Guests @ BLIM

Saturday Night, October 22nd, 2010 Not Sent Letters Set

interdisciplinary works by
Sean George, Yi Xin Tong, Pietro Sammarco

digital film shorts by
Margot Leigh Butler, Natasha McHardy

Not Sent Letters Set by
Jeremy Todd w/ Andrew Short
featuring Margaret Dragu, David Leith, Guadalupe Martinez, Soressa Gardener, Charlene Vickers
NOT SENT LETTERS is an ongoing series of epistolary detours by JEREMY TODD (an entanglement w/ practices of the self & the politics of representation) involving online image/text posts, digital film shorts & multi-media performances. A new Letters set @ Blim will include live improvisational electronic music scores by ANDREW SHORT, image projection, and individual Not Sent Letters selected from the project blog and read by MARGARET DRAGU, DAVID LEITH, SORESSA GARDNER, GUADALUPE MARTINEZ & CHARLENE VICKERS. BLIM Not Sent Letters Set (October 22, 2010):

Soressa Gardner reads To Lucille Ball (first letter).
Interdisciplinary Contributions

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115 East Pender Street, Vancouver
$8 @ the door ($4 toward production expenses, $4 toward BLIM)

Friday Night, October 22, 2010, 8pm SHARP!Video documentation by Matilda Aslizadeh.  Special Thanks to Yuriko Iga, Noel Macul & Matilda Aslizadeh.
YI XIN TONG, an artist currently attending Simon Fraser University, debuts “Tasteless”, a composition of music, visual art, and poetry. The work will operate as an interruption within the evening’s events, an “exploration” of an arbitrary object of little significance, and a query regarding the separation between art practice and normal life for an artist. PIETRO SAMMARCO is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist who playfully explores new media, performance and popular culture, often within collaborative contexts. For Not Sent Letters & Guests Pietro will reinterpret “Free Bryan Adams” (a performance work first realized in 2004) between other contributions throughout the evening. SEAN GEORGE is an artist and cultural worker who has lived on the DTES since 1991. His work ?looks at identity and the many ways in which it cultivates itself in contemporary life.? For Not Sent Letters & Guests Sean debuts “ta soeur dans exile – my sister in exile”, a performance work as short homage to women.

Digital Short Contributions

MARGOT LEIGH BUTLER is an artist, activist and cultural theorist; she works with Downtown Eastsiders on a radical education project which does free public ed on the DTES/South and free university courses at UBC. For Not Sent Letters & Guests Margot presents a new work about the DTES. NATASHA McHARDY is a Vancouver-based, interdisciplinary conceptual artist exploring relations between identity and play. For Not Sent Letters & Guests Natasha debuts a day-in-the-life monologue drama/video investigating the practice of storytelling and it’s ability to provide meaning and value in our lives.
 The Night In Pictures
 PEOPLE!!! Margot Leigh Butler addresses the crowd during the conclusion of “Other” Honey…  …and after.  Yi Xin Tong performs Tasteless.
Bar talk between pieces.   Entering the event inside BLIM.  MORE PEOPLE!  Pietro Sammarco performs Free Bryan Adams.