Not Sent Letters & Guests @ BLIM

Saturday Night, March 25th, 2011 Not Sent Letters Set

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interdisciplinary works by Emilio Rojas, Laura Lambvideo installation by Jin-me Yoondigital film shorts by
Ted Tozer, Harold Donnelly, Andrew Short & Jeremy Todd

Not Sent Letters Set by

Jeremy Todd w/ Andrew Short
featuring: My Name Is Scot, Nathan Matthews, Rina Liddle
NOT SENT LETTERS is an ongoing series of epistolary detours by JEREMY TODD (an entanglement with practices of the self and the politics of representation) involving online image/text posts, digital film shorts and live events. This next letters set features live scores by ANDREW SHORT, image projection, and letters selected from the project blog and read by MY NAME IS SCOT, NATHAN MATTHEWS & RINA LIDDLE. Not Sent Letters Set @ BLIM, March 25, 2011:

Special Thanks to Yuriko Iga, Noel Macul, Dinka Pignon & Andrew Short. Digital Short Contributions
115 E. Pender St., Vancouver
March 25, 2011, 8pm
$8 @ the door ($4 toward production expenses, $4 toward BLIM) Video documentation by Dinka Pignon.
TED TOZER (a Vancouver-based video alchemist attempting to turn space into time) screens a new digital short entitled The Tree. ANDREW SHORT, HAROLD DONNELLY & JEREMY TODD screen Barricades: The Movie, a montaged conflation of post-war countercultural disillusionment, contemporary lifestyle marketing, b-film fantasy, samples from the LP “Murder at Kent State University” (Flying Dutchman Records, FDS-127), electronica and guitar.
Interdisciplinary Contributions

LAURA LAMB (an artist who interrogates the postmodern imagination through drawings, still and animated figures, scenarios, texts, photographs, videos and songs) presents What Other Beasts? a fragment from her multi-layered fiction Lamb’s Performing Objects. JIN-ME YOON (an artist and educator exploring historical and cultural memory) presents a new single-channel video excerpted from a larger multi-media installation in progress, produced at the Zócalo, Mexico City.  EMILIO ROJAS (a performance, video and installation artist from Mexico City) explores stories hidden between himself and his mother through transmuting, translating and re-enacting their contents. Audience members are invited to participate in these processes, allowing for the personal to engage the collective, and secrets to become faceless.
The Night In Pictures
Andrew Short making sound between works Not Sent Letters Set rehearsal for the March 25, 2011 event @ BLIM: my name is scot, Rina Liddle, Nathan Matthews, Andrew Short (seated) & Ira Matthews (quality control supervisor). Rina Liddle prepares to read as Andrew Short begins a score (within a Not Sent Letters set). PEOPLE!
Laura Lamb faces the crowd.  Jin-me Yoon discusses her work with onlookers.  Dinka Pignon documents Emilio Rojas in performance.  .