Jeremy Todd


Not Sent Letters & Guests form public constellations of engaged interdisciplinary and durational practice, uncompromised by the realpolitik conditions of contemporary art as a competitive professional sphere.

Not Sent Letter performance works (or Sets) were first realized in 2009, integrating image projection, staging, music scores and play with live readings of selected Not Sent Letters.  Recurring co-operative and non-funded events have followed (Not Sent Letters & Guests), presenting the work of others in conjunction with Not Sent Letter Sets.

Artist Jeremy Todd organizes each event as an extension of his continuous Not Sent Letters Project (from unceeded Coast Salish territory, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). The interrelatedness of art, society and everyday life is critically explored amongst a diverse plurality of artists and publics.

Email Jeremy Todd ( if you would like to host and/or contribute to a future Not Sent Letters & Guests event.


Jeremy Todd was born in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada (April 15, 1971).  While a child he lived with his mother in southern Ontario and his father in the Georgian Bay area.  By the age of fifteen Jeremy was living on his own in Toronto, attending the Wexford Collegiate Institute extended visual arts program, playing drums in the new music group Circle Of Ill Health, drawing, painting and working various part-time restaurant jobs to support himself.

Jeremy went to York University in his early twenties and obtained a BFA in studio.  While there he began to develop what has become an ongoing interdisciplinary art practice concerned with the formation of cultural memory, ethics, aesthetics and the function of art, artists and intellectuals in society.  Jeremy relocated to Vancouver in 1997 for an MFA in studio at UBC.  After graduating he taught studio, theory and art history courses  for eleven years (with sessional appointments at UBC, ECU, North Island College and the Vancouver Film School).  While contract teaching he also worked as the Director/Curator of the Helen Pitt Gallery Artist-Run Centre (2003-05) and interim Director/Curator of the Richmond Art Gallery in 2007-8.

Jeremy’s creative praxis has expanded over time to incorporate aspects of play, research and archival processes, collage, painting, language, curation, photography, installation, drawing, performance, video, writing, the web, interdisciplinary collaboration and grassroots organizing.  Jeremy also writes regularly about art, culture and ideas, and has made two experimental feature-length films to date: Easter Everywhere (2009) and Dear Guy (2007).

In 2001 he married the Vancouver-based artist Natasha McHardy. Their son Emory was born in 2013.

In 2009, while starting up the events component of the Not Sent Letters Project, Jeremy took on a regular faculty position at the Vancouver Film School Visual Art & Design Foundation Program (where he teaches a curriculum integrating art history, cultural studies and creative process).  He has also continues to work periodically for artist-run organizations, most recently as an Outreach & Distribution Coordinator for VIVO Media Arts Centre.

Jeremy continues to write, record and perform new music in the Vancouver-based guitar and drums combo Night Bus with Vancouver-based artist and educator Kate Henderson. He also enjoys backpacking around the Gulf Islands and wants to live on one of them as soon as possible.