Not Sent Letters & Guests form public constellations of engaged interdisciplinary and durational practice, uncompromised by the realpolitik conditions of contemporary art as a competitive professional sphere.

Not Sent Letter performance works (or Sets) were first realized in 2009, integrating image projection, staging, music scores and play with live readings of selected Not Sent Letters. Recurring co-operative and non-funded events have followed (Not Sent Letters & Guests), presenting the work of others in conjunction with Not Sent Letter Sets.

Artist Jeremy Todd organizes each event as an extension of his continuous Not Sent Letters Project (from unceeded Coast Salish territory, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). The interrelatedness of art, society and everyday life is critically explored amongst a diverse plurality of artists and publics.

Email Jeremy Todd ( if you would like to host and/or contribute to a future Not Sent Letters & Guests event.

Click here for a list of Not Sent Letters & Guests contributors.